Friday, June 25, 2004

San Francisco Examiner: Review: Hot topic

San Francisco Examiner: Hot topic: "A documentary by Michael Moore. Rated R for violent and disturbing images and for language. Now playing in Bay Area theaters.
Hands down, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is the most controversial -- and thus the most hyped -- movie of the summer. So much so it's hard to believe it could possibly meet expectations.
And alas, it does meet anticipations that it's a scathing, unrelenting pitbull-style attack on George W. Bush, his cronies and his handling of the Middle East.
It's a movie worthy of every bit of buzz it's received. It's biased and slanted. It's disturbing, elucidating, entertaining, enraging, depressing and engaging in a way only director Michael Moore can pull off. It's a seminal work of today's most lauded -- and reviled -- documentarian."

By Edith Alderette
Special To The Examiner

3 1/2 Stars
out of 4


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