Friday, June 25, 2004

Moveon Press Release: Fahrenheit 911 Inspires Patriotism, Empowerment

and Mobilization Among MoveOn PAC Members

Moore Film Brings Americans Together for
“Old-Fashioned Politics”

Find Over 1,400 House Parties Scheduled for Monday, June 28:

MoveOn PAC members in the thousands–some 115,000 and growing—will help pack theaters across the country tonight for the opening of Michael Moore’s new film, Fahrenheit 911. As a follow-up, MoveOn members have committed to host over 1,400 house parties on Monday, June 28, so movie-goers can discuss their reactions to the film and obtain resources for additional information.

“This film is certain to raise questions about why this Administration has made the choices that it has, and why American soldiers are dying in Iraq,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn PAC. “Our house parties will provide them with more information and give them tools they need to help educate others.”

MoveOn member Marty O’Malley and his wife will be at a theater in Pittsburg to see the film. O’Malley, a Vietnam veteran, was not politically active until January of 2003 when he “saw a lead up to an unnecessary war.” He said he is seeing the film because “the more information that the public has about the Iraq war, the stronger we are as a nation. I can’t say that everything we’re going to see is going to be 100 percent accurate, but I think it’s so important for Americans to see films like this—films that really make you think. And, it’s as necessary to deconstruct what we see and draw conclusions about this President and this Administration.”

Professor Deborah Kilgore, of Ankeny, IA has similar feelings about the film and is committed to making sure that as many people see the movie as possible. She is concerned that the media hasn’t been conscientious in bringing the news to the American people.

“I’m so delighted to learn that theaters are selling out so quickly” said Kilgore. It’s such a powerful signal that there is a disconnect between the media and what the people really want to know. Americans are hungry for information. I’m glad that Michael Moore has the resources to get this kind of dialogue started; and I’m thrilled that MoveOn is committed to providing a forum for people to continue the conversation,” she added.

The town hall-like house parties on Monday will feature an appearance by director Moore via the Internet and teleconference. MoveOn members sporting blue t-shirts will be at movie theaters this weekend inviting Fahrenheit 911 movie-goers to parties in their local communities.

To find a house party near you (by zip code), visit:


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