Saturday, February 19, 2005

How The U.S. Murdered a City - Independent Media TV

How The U.S. Murdered a City - Independent Media TV: "How The U.S. Murdered a City
February 17, 2005
By: Dr Salam Ismael
Information Clearing House

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Dr Salam Ismael

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Information Clearing House

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Top Stories Ignored By U.S. Media

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Breaking International Law

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Iraqi Civilian Casualties

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Bush Administration Lies and Deceit

Fallujah: The Truth at Last
Doctor Salam Ismael took aid to Fallujah last month. This is a report of his visit.
02/17/05 - - IT WAS the smell that first hit me, a smell that is difficult to describe, and one that will never leave me. It was the smell of death. Hundreds of corpses were decomposing in the houses, gardens and streets of Fallujah. Bodies were rotting where they had fallen-bodies of men, women and children, many half-eaten by wild dogs. "


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