Saturday, February 12, 2005

Heartwell set to lead 'rebellion'

Heartwell set to lead 'rebellion': "GRAND RAPIDS -- Mayor George Heartwell says he's so mad, he's ready to take on President Bush.

After enduring the 'toughest week' of his 13 months in office, Heartwell said Tuesday he wants to 'start a rebellion' against Bush's budget proposal to cut federal funding for local communities by 50 percent.

'He has to address the deficit he created with massive tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest Americans; and he has to fund a war that is expensive and unpopular,' Heartwell said.

'So he targets the poor and the unemployed -- and in most cases the minorities, because racism has rendered them the poorest -- to shoulder the burden of tax relief and funding for the war.

'Well, because the poor are outside our doors -- because they are our neighbors -- local government is once again holding the bag.' "


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