Friday, February 18, 2005

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon'

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon': "WASHINGTON -- With the mystery of 'Jeff Gannon' deepening, Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., yesterday renewed her call for the White House to explain its relationship with a conservative ex-reporter linked to an online gay escort service.

Slaughter said the relationship between the White House press office and 'Gannon,' whose real name is James Dale Guckert, was 'anything but typical.' The White House should 'stop the stonewalling and come clean,' she added, following up on her initial request a week ago.
Slaughter's comments came in response to evidence that the White House allowed Gannon into presidential news briefings weeks before his Internet-based news organization was registered and online.

Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan insisted last week that Gannon, in order to get daily passes to the White House news briefing, was treated 'like anyone else' and 'showed that he was representing a news organization that published regularly.'

But yesterday, the online magazine Salon cited C-SPAN television clips showing Gannon attending White House news briefings as early as Feb. 28, 2003, a month before his Internet news site, Talon News, was registered and online."

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Talon News: Statement concerning former Washington, DC correspondent Jeff Gannon

Talon News Washington, DC reporter and White House Correspondent Jeff Gannon submitted his resignation from our organization effective February 8, 2005.

I understand and support Jeff's decision, and have accepted the resignation.

We are currently evaluating candidates to fill this critical assignment, and anticipate minimal interruption of Talon's coverage of our nation's capitol and the White House in the meantime.

-- Robert R. Eberle, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, Talon News
Bringing the conservative message to America

Bobby Eberle (photo) is President and CEO of GOPUSA , a news, information, and commentary company based in Houston, TX. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Rice University.

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