Wednesday, October 27, 2004

WTOL-TV Toledo, OH: Michael Moore Comes to Toledo

WTOL-TV Toledo, OH: Michael Moore Comes to Toledo: "TOLEDO -- With eight days until election day, Democrats and Republicans area hitting the campaign trail hard. Internationally-known filmmaker Michael Moore rallied voters to vote President Bush out of office.

It was the sound of a political revolution, as filmmaker Michael Moore was welcomed by thousands inside Toledo's Seagate center. This is the 45th stop on Moore's Slacker Uprising tour. Moore spoke with the press before going onstage. 'We're here to invite, those of you who have not voted in the past, to give voting a try. You hold the power in your hands, you are the largest political power in the country,' said Moore.

People couldn't wait to see Moore. There were Bush bashers, liberals, and diehard Democrats. Jonathan Bartholomew said, 'He's reinvigorated the left, given us something more to fight about.' Lafayette Williams, an ONU law student said, 'We feel he has a philosophy that's very supportive of the liberal philosophy, the democratic philosophy.' Helen Anderson said, 'I think it's wonderful, it's a great turnout for Toledo.' "

A sea of "Slackers" gets pumped up to get out the vote at the Seagate Center in Toledo, Ohio.


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