Sunday, October 24, 2004 - Rap battleground Michigan: Eminem to vote for 1st time "'Bush is definitely not my homie,' the rap superstar said in an interview with Rolling Stone, parts of which were posted Thursday on the magazine's Web site. 'But I'm still undecided. Kerry has been known to say some things that's caught my attention, made a few statements I've liked, but I don't know. Whatever my decision, I would like to see Bush out of office.' (Related site: Rolling Stone)
The 32-year old rapper includes an angry and profanity-laced denunciation of Bush and the war in Iraq on his new album, Encore, which will be released next month. "

Eminem's music video, Just Lose It, is number one on Launch Dot Com.

The controversial Michigan rapper's CD, Encore, arrives in stores November 16.


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