Sunday, October 24, 2004

Eminem gives Bush a rap -

Eminem gives Bush a rap - "LOS ANGELES: Rap star Eminem is the latest entry into the Bush-bashing brigade, with the release of his latest album slamming the US president and his war in Iraq.

In the song track Mosh that is part of his new album Encore, Eminem raps: 'Maybe we can reach Al Qaeda through my speech/ Let the president answer on higher anarchy/Strap him with an AK-47 let him go fight his own war/Let him impress Daddy that way... no more blood for oil,' reported

The song goes on: 'They tell us 'no', we say 'yeah', they tell us 'stop', we say 'go'/ Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell, we gonna let him know/Stomp, push, shove, mush, f*** Bush/Until they bring our troops home/Come on.'

The track, being floated on the Internet barely two weeks before the elections, is also available as part of Eminem's fusion DJ Green Lantern."


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