Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Slacker Uprising Tour" Crew Blog

"Slacker Uprising Tour" Crew Blog: "Monday night was another great show in Ohio, this time in Toledo. A member of MoveOn called after and told me they signed up 250 new volunteers (the most they have signed up in one place) to help out down the home stretch. Mike also promised that the first 25 people to sign up to volunteer at Downtown For Democracy's after-party at Gumbo's, would get a free 'Fahrenheit 9/11' DVD (although, after driving by the place after the show and seeing their drink specials, I don't know how much work will get done; they'll just have to get up and get to work first thing tomorrow afternoon).

The official 'Slacker Uprising Tour' T-shirts finally made their debut last night, with one week left before the election�it just wouldn't be the Slacker Tour if they showed up a minute sooner.

I'm sad to report that one technical glitch occurred during the show. As many of you know, at the end of the show, Mike gives out clean underwear and Ramen noodles to slackers who promise to get off the couch and vote this election (on a side note, Toledo is the closest Mike has been to the Michigan border since the Michigan GOP tried to get him locked up for giving out noodles and underwear, so the 'Slacker Security Alert' was elevated to a level of Red). Unfortunately, there were not as many noodles as we had first calculated so a few people went home hungry. This shocked us all because we always pack enough Ramen to give out to every slacker who needs it. I immediately looked in to what went wrong. A source backstage told me that he saw what he described as a 'pony-tailed personal assistant' smuggling packs of Ramen noodles into a room and eating them raw and uncooked. "


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