Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Eminem Aims at Bush

Eminem Aims at Bush: "Has Eminem--the poster child of American disenchantment--become the new face of activism?
Those who are accustomed to Eminem's gay-bashing, gun-toting antics will hardly believe their eyes, as they watch his new video in which the top-selling rapper and his posse file into the voting booths, the words 'Vote Tuesday, November 2' fading into the screen.

Mosh could well be one of the most overtly political pop music videos ever produced, and is easily the most direct anti-Bush cultural statement since Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.

Although the video debuted just a week before the election, it could have an unprecedented cultural and political impact, coming from the top-grossing rap star in America, and one of the seminal pop icons of the last decade.

The largely animated video begins with a suited Eminem reading 'My Pet Goat' upside down to a classroom full of children.

Moments later, however, Eminem shifts from his usual mode of sarcastic critique to lyrics reflecting sincere political passion. "


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