Wednesday, October 27, 2004 - News -Eminem's Video For Anti-Bush Song 'Mosh' Hits The Internet - News -Eminem's Video For Anti-Bush Song 'Mosh' Hits The Internet: "Michael Moore, the 'Fahrenheit 9/11' filmmaker who tried his hand at directing music videos with Rage Against the Machine, would certainly approve of Eminem's new clip, 'Mosh,' which has just hit the Internet.

A scathing indictment of President Bush and the war in Iraq, the animated video begins with the jarring image of a commercial airliner flying over a school and then exploding offscreen. The point of view then zooms into the school, where Eminem is reading a children's book to a class in a scene reminiscent of the minutes following the 9-11 attacks, when Bush was at a Florida elementary school reading to second graders. Eminem is holding his book upside down.

From there, 'Mosh' moves to Eminem's apartment, where the walls are covered with articles critical of the Bush administration and its policies. Filled with anger, he puts on gloves and dons a hooded jacket. Clips of Em rapping the track are then interspersed with scenes of domestic problems facing the country, such as racial profiling (an animated Lloyd Banks is harassed by police) and poverty (an inner-city family receives an eviction notice as their TV set shows Bush promising tax cuts for the wealthy)."

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