Thursday, October 28, 2004

LJ: ana clara voog - Bush Finger

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bush is a naughty boy and should be spanked (by a god that does not exist). can i say that? it's a good thing he isn't president anymore!"


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


George Bush constantly reminds us that “our nation changed on 9/11". He’s right! Over 3000 people died needlessly, as a result of careless foreign policy, even though our government new it was coming. The aftermath was then used to instill undo fear in the hearts and minds of 50% of Americans. Unsubstantiated claims of foiled terror attempts and a color coded alert system, now keep us on the edge of our seats. Bin Ladin was permitted to escape (see goggle for “w199i”), while the real war objective for oil ensued. For the first time in almost 40 years, we are loosing previous soldiers in an illegal, needless and costly war. While our government remains solely focused on the mess we made over there, our economy, infrastructure, and entitlement programs continue to deteriorate here at home. Half the world now views us in a negative light and our reputation for being the worlds guiding light, has been ruined. Here at home,. We’ve squandered the largest surplus and created the largest deficit in our history, (both at the same time). Seniors can no longer save money on Canadian prescription drugs. Social Security is now in jeopardy . Oil and energy prices have hit record highs. Manufacturing jobs are all but extinct and service jobs are being outsourced by the thousands. Bankruptcies have hit an all time high. Unless you work for the oil industry or the military industrial complex, your more than likely not doing as well as you used to be. In fact, Americans in general are not as healthy, wealthy, or safe, as they were 4 to 8 years ago. To add insult to injury, the ill founded Patriot Act, places almost ALL of our hard fought constitutionally amended rights in danger, and the Bush regime threatens to make that a permanent reality, and further jeopardize our privacy and freedoms with their proposed Patriot Act II ! Yeah, the world did change on 9-11, but you can change it back! The 2000 election was finally decided by only 500 and some odd votes. This election promises to be even closer. Your one vote has more power and meaning than you could ever have imagined. I t could literally change the world! For the sake of the future of our Democracy and the restoration of our countries well being, please don’t let this opportunity pass you by, or you may be forever sorry you did. On Tuesday November 2nd, Answer the call of duty. Grab a friend or neighbor and get out there and VOTE! For a final thought on casting your vote, TYPE THIS ADDRESS IN YOUR ADDRESS BOX!



I’m talking to the 50% of you qualified American voters, who simply don’t take the time to cast a ballot; and the other 50% of you who never even took the time to register! I’m referring to all you turkeys who bitch in the supermarket check out line, while getting your education from Soap Opera Digest or a trashy tabloid, instead of Newsweek or the Wall Street Journal. You chumps who slur your uninformed opinions over a beer mug, at the corner bar. You lazy couch potatoes, who would rather cuss the shit out of your TV sets, from the comfort, convenience, and relative safety of your sofa; instead of finding out what’s really going on via the internet and the local town hall. And finally, all you smart-ass punks who can find more excuses not to vote, than Clear Channel has media outlets.
Over the years, I’ve probably heard them all. Just once, I’d like to hear something believable, like: “my absentee ballot didn’t arrive in time”, “there was a police barricade blocking me from my polling place”, “when I got there, I found that they removed my name from the registry”, or, “at the very last minute, they took my candidates name off the ballot!”. Now these are plausible, perfectly illegitimate reasons why someone might not have been able to exercise their right and duty to vote. Instead, I keep hearing the same old lame bullshit! How many of these excuses have you used in the past? “My one little vote doesn’t matter”, “the electoral collage is rigged”, “my candidate has no chance of winning”, “there all crooks anyway”, “my voter registration expired”, “I had to work late on Election Day”, “I’ll be out of town on Tuesday”, “I already voted last time”, “I had a bad cold”, “I couldn’t catch a ride”, “I forgot what day it was”, “I never voted before and don’t know what to do or where to go”. Or, maybe your just one of those nice passive assholes who’s weak cop out is, “I just don’t get involved in politics”. Rrrrr! Pardon me while I take a bite out of my fucking keyboard! Personally, I think most of you are just foolish and lazy, while the rest of you don’t know an issue from your asshole!

There are literally millions of idiots out there who don’t have half the potential smarts you have, and their fucking things up for your future, and mine, with their uninformed, “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” votes; while you just sit there doing nothing, and let your ballot go uncast, to compensate for it! You aught to be ashamed to call yourself an American; and when you carelessly let others make potentially permanent life altering political mistakes, without so much as raising a finger, or a pen, to counter them, you strip yourself of any moral right to complain about the after effects of the respective election.
The 2000 election was decided by only a measly 500 + votes, remember? Well, this one promises to be even closer. That’s why EVERY VOTE COUNTS!... Even yours! If everyone else was as lazy or irresponsible as you, we’d be living in a dictatorship, and if the Patriot Act gets renewed, we may end up there eventually anyway! On the other hand, if everyone out there like you, would at least take a modest interest in the future of our democracy, all those millions of additional single little individual voices would collectively add up to positive change.

Ok, you see the error of your ways, or maybe your completely innocent of the above charges, you can’t tell the two parties apart. That’s no excuse either. While it truly is getting harder to tell the two major parties apart, that’s because they’re both funded by the same giant cooperate interest. In this case, you need to examine the history of the individual candidates themselves, and sometimes this requires a tiny bit of investigative work; as some skeletons (or skulls and bones) are hidden deeper than others - even “top secret”.
If you had you done your homework, you would have discovered that there are two distinctive differences between Bush and Kerry. One is the Vietnam experience, and the other is 9-11. No matter how much money the cooperate PAC’s give to Kerry, they can’t erase his memory of a war that should have never been. His record is pretty much an open book, and it doesn’t matter how many booboo’s he got, how he got them, or who kissed them. The only thing that really matters is that he voluntarily laid his ass on the line, believing he was defending our country, to get them. Bush, on the hand never dodged a bullet for America, nor put himself in harms way to defend it.
The 9-11 story is a bit more cloudy, and so is the Bush history. To make a very long story short, the 9-11 investigation was a sham, the Iraq war was perceived, and illegal as hell; and I’ll stop just barely short of calling the 9-11 tragedy a vast conspiracy. Instead, I’ll just point you to the evidence and let you decide. Go to your favorite search engine, such as, the in their search bar, type in “ w199i ”. It will take you about 30 minutes to digest enough information to realize what really happened and why.
By this time, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to become an involved informed citizen. You’ll even be smarter than many of your friends and neighbors. The only thing left to do now is to get you and your newfound knowledge to the polls. Then perform your civic duty. We wouldn’t have to put up with these irritating, frustrating, split-decision elections we’ve been plague with lately, and eventually you’d have a lot less to bitch about.
Before you come up with any more excuses, please consider the following closing comment - TYPE THIS ADDRESS IN YOUR ADDRESS BOX!



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