Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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Guerrilla News Network: "Finish Line
2004-10-25 23:43:56
If you found your way here, you pretty much know whats been in my head for the past 5 weeks. Em’s lyrics, Dre’s beats and lots of amazing artists’ pixels. The delivery service will be here around 3am to pick up the color corrected tape that is going to MTV. Word is they will feature it on TRL tomorrow and start it in ‘medium’ rotation. That is if they can clean a couple of the references in time for broadcast. Honestly, I thought MTV would take a few days to internally battle over whether or not they should play it or ban it. So, if it plays in its entirety tomorrow we will be pretty pleased around the bunker. And if it does get on, I have a feeling the kids are going to pump it up the TRL ladder. Gotta get back to proc amping this mofo to bring the blacks back out of the darkness. Damn where’s Marshall when we need him.

Moshing Through the Marsh
2004-10-24 03:01:20
So the video was supposed to be out by now but we have run into an inordinate amount of obstacles down the supposed home stretch. Everything has been thrown our way from a computer that almost burned down the bunker, a downed render farm in Huntsville, Alabama where the animation is being processed and even a mistaken identity internet gay porn sex scandal.


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