Monday, August 30, 2004 - The GOP doesn't reflect America By Michael Moore - The GOP doesn't reflect America: "NEW YORK — Welcome, Republicans. You're proud Americans who love your country. In your own way, you want to make this country a better place. Whatever our differences, you should be commended for that.
But what's all this talk about New York being enemy territory? Nothing could be further from the truth. We New Yorkers love Republicans. We have a Republican mayor and governor, a death penalty and two nuclear plants within 30 miles of the city.

New York is home to Fox News Channel. The top right-wing talk shows emanate from here — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly among them. The Wall Street Journal is based here, which means your favorite street is here. Not to mention more Fortune 500 executives than anywhere else.

You may think you're surrounded by a bunch of latte-drinking effete liberals, but the truth is, you're right where you belong, smack in the seat of corporate America and conservative media.

Let me also say I admire your resolve. You're true believers. Even though only a third of the country defines itself as "Republican," you control the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and most state governments.

You're in charge because you never back down. Your people are up before dawn figuring out which minority group shouldn't be allowed to marry today."

Michael Moore, Filmmaker

Filmmaker Michael Moore flashes a messenger pass as he is prevented from entering the floor area during the evening program of the 2004 Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York, August 30, 2004. Moore was escorted away from the floor area by U.S. Secret Service agents and convention security officials saying that he was wearing the wrong credential. U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) later referred to Moore in his convention speech as a 'disingenuous filmmaker.' REUTERS/Rick Wilking US ELECTION


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