Monday, August 30, 2004

Michael : How a Movie Can Move the Voting Public (Part 3)

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: “Yesterday I E-mailed you after seeing ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ introducing myself as a 60 year old white male Republican, who is abandoning that party and supporting John Kerry for President, as the Republican Party has abandoned me and all that this country stands for. Can this party in good conscious claim that it is the party of Abraham Lincoln?

The answer to that question is obvious and in a great sense rhetorical. No!

There must be like-minded people like me (at least I hope so). But even if not, all Americans must take part in this election to rid the country of King George. As never before, the stakes are too high!!!

As an addition to my background that I omitted yesterday is that I am an attorney for 35 years, now practicing as a medical malpractice defense attorney. I started out in 1969 in Army JAG and spent 1 year in Viet Nam from 1970-71, as a captain, mainly in the Saigon area. I was a REMF--look that up in your Funck & Wagnells (sic). I saw no action and checked out a 45 for one day during Tet 1971, when being billeted in Long Binh and not planning to leave the compound, it made no sense.

After a hiatus for Tet, as being the command judge advocate for the 4th Transportation, we resumed our jaunts up and down the Saigon River on the command yatch, past the French Club, with bloody marys in hand (but that is another story).

In your list of ills of the present King George, believe it or not, I can find no quarrel. There is much that needs to be corrected within our country and the current administration who has brought a new meaning to and perfected the art of hubris, must be brought to its knees and get a true taste of reality. Only 4 more months to go before King George is returned to Texas.

I want to help make that a reality. (By the way, do you know Jonathan Demme? We were in the same Cub Scout pack on Long Island together.)” –M.A.B., Irvine, California


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