Sunday, August 29, 2004

Democracy Now! In The News: Amy Goodman on the CHARLIE ROSE show (Transcript)

Democracy Now! In The News: "CHARLIE ROSE: Amy Goodman is here. She is a journalist; she is the host of 'Democracy Now!' -- a radio program broadcasting on the Pacifica Radio network. The show is an outlet for those in opposition to a possible war with Iraq. This month it will expand to two hours in order to accommodate more reporting on the war if it comes. Goodman has received the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, the George Polk Award, and the Overseas Press Club Award. I'm pleased to have her here at this table for the first time. Welcome.

AMY GOODMAN: It's good to be with you, Charlie.

CHARLIE ROSE: I should say it's also on television.

AMY GOODMAN: Yes. We are now the largest public media collaboration on the country. We're broadcasting on Pacifica Radio, Community Radio Stations, NPR stations around the country, and also on satellite television, on Free Speech TV, on public access TV stations around the country.

CHARLIE ROSE: Get that America?

AMY GOODMAN: And the reason I say that is just because we need public media now.

CHARLIE ROSE: Of course.

AMY GOODMAN: In a time of war we need independent reporting.

CHARLIE ROSE: I don't know what that means independent in contrast to what?

AMY GOODMAN: It means not being sponsored the corporations, the networks like CBS, ABC, NBC owned by General Electric -- or CBS owned by Viacom or Disney is ABC. "


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