Sunday, August 01, 2004

Land of the Karda: Iraqi Kurd Reviews Fahrenheit 9/11

Land of the Karda After watching Fahrenheit 9/11 I will thank the American nation for choosing G.W. Bush as president. At least we, people from ME, and you, American, have one thing in common. We both overmanned by dumb leaders. I will also thank the American army for ‘liberating’ us. Well, to the American government I have nothing to say only: “It’s true that you liberated us and now take your price (oil) and don’t come here again! After all, you divided Kurdistan in 6 peaces and killed innocent Arab people. So don't play Mr. nice guy, we already know who you are, the only country who used Nuclear weapon against humanity!

FAHRENHEIT 9/11: “Congressional Black Caucus members tried to object to the election outcome on the floor of the House; no Senator would sign the objections.”

Karda: Well, Kurds also tried to change the Iraqi government via the official ways, in 1974 for example. But the rest of the Iraqi government just didn’t listened to us. Actually they began to use the Iraqi army against Kurds in the name of Iraq; ironically Iraq is a country which was actually created by British government!

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Hello Karda,

I was awaiting for an Iraqi, Kurdish reaction to the movie( I hope to see more). Where is attack-dog Vice President Dick Cheney and the Truth Squad on the movie? Moore researched very well so the Bushies (who refuse to see the movie for fear that Moore will make money with their tickets) have started a disinformation campaign, a 'whispering campaign' which is what you see here.

You have the advantage over them of having seen this movie, so you can discuss it. I thought it was brilliant.

In fairness Bush and Saddam are really totally different personalities( Bush is not so evil..Saddam is not so stupid,etc.), however I am glad for you to understand the character of our Glorious President GW Bush!
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