Saturday, July 31, 2004


HBO Forums: "I catch Real Time every time I can. But this is the first time I have waited an entire week to see a show. When I heard Michael Moore would be on the panel--I was thrilled.

Tonight's show was brilliant! I laughed, I cheered, I clapped, and I booed (Owen and especially Drier).

The begging of Nader was priceless.

How stupid was it of Dreir to comment on Moore's brilliant film and then admit that he had not seen it???? I think it is stupid for anyone to comment negative or positive about the film if they have not seen it.

I noticed Dreir made a hasty exit too! Good riddance, I say. But I was curious to see if he would stick around and at least shake hands with Moore. But just like a typical Bush cronie....a quick scram when the heat in the kitchen gets a little to high. My only question is when did he leave--before Nader or during New Rules. That coward!

Kim Campbell was superior! We need her in this country. Her suggestion for Nader was simply brilliant.

Keep up the great work!"

By flipper828
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