Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Democracy Now! RNC Coverage

Democracy Now! has expanded its coverage to two hours a day during the historic RNC in NYC. Great coverage of the protests, and of the RNC. For example did you know that michael moore spoke at the RNC/Antiwar protests sunday? Did you know about the Defend Johnny Cash folks? Democracy Now! informed me of these items. Really an excellent show.

Source: LiveJournal/AntiWar

  • The Battle for New York: 500,000 March Against Bush in Historic Antiwar Protest
  • Antiwar Voices Address March: Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Fernando Suarez, Charles Barron and More
  • Critical Mass: Over 260 Arrested in First Major Protest of RNC
  • Gov. Pataki Dodges Question on Saddam-9/11 Claims
  • Veteran White House Correspondent Helen Thomas on Iraq: "We've really Damaged Our Psyche, Our Soul, Our Image"
  • Crackdown: 400 Arrests as NYPD Unveil New Policing Tactics & Surveillance Methods
  • Activists Face 25 Years for Hanging Anti-Bush Banner At Plaza Hotel
  • Poor People's Campaign To March Without Permit From UN to Madison Square Garden


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