Monday, July 05, 2004

Michael : Blog : My First Blog Entry

Michael : Mike's Message : Blog: "Hey, my first blog entry! Welcome fellow bloggers and blog readers! Blog doggers and blog loggers. Blogging away for the common good or just to keep from watching whatever crap is on TV right now. What is on TV right now? No new 6 Feet Under tonight. The Practice has been bounced. Can't Jon Stewart do a Sunday show?
Speaking of Sunday shows, did anyone see that hilarious CNN Unreliable Sources show this morning? It's hosted by this knucklehead from the Washington Post who's been raggin' on me since 'Roger & Me.' I wasn't half awake while it was on but I think he had some blow-hards on who said, in no particular order of priority, that I was in cahoots with the Taliban, supported Al Qaeda, and dreamed of a day gone by when Uncle Saddam brought peace and joy to the world. This thing was so whacked, and they were trying so hard to repeat Karl Rove's talking points, I thought, 'Damn -- the box office from last night must have busted through the roof if these guys are that pissed!' So I immediately called up the studio and, sure enough, in just our second weekend, 'F9/11' had shot past $50 million! Whoa! More than double what it was last Sunday! No wonder foam is coming out of these guys' mouths! "


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