Sunday, July 04, 2004 Press Release: TIME Cover: Michael Moore's War TIME Cover: Michael Moore's War: "New York -- I don't like this film being reduced to Bush vs. Kerry, Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore tells TIME's Richard Corliss in this week's cover story. Moore tells TIME, "When Clinton was president I went after him. And if Kerry's president, on Day Two I'll be on him."
This election year, with stakes and tempers high, a potent non-fiction genre is emerging: the agit-doc, dealing with high-octane political issues, often in a confrontational tone, Corliss writes. Trailing on Moore's box office clout, they are surging into the mainstream. One agit-doc, The Hunting of the President, co-directed by Clinton pal Harry Thomason, was originally to go to 30 theaters; now its distributor has revved the number to 125, and has put the film's trailer on many screens showing Fahrenheit 9/11. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which books films to be shown on military bases around the world, has contacted Fahrenheit's distributor to book the film, TIME reports. "

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