Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fahrenheit starts roll-out

Fahrenheit starts roll-out: "Paris - Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's film bashing US President George W Bush and the Iraq war, started its march around the world on Wednesday by opening in cinemas across France - where not surprisingly its box office success looks guaranteed.
The impact the film made when it was seen by the first audience outside North America could be judged by the splash it made in the media - most of France's national newspapers gave it front-page play, while radio and television broadcasts gave it significant airtime.
'Le film anti-Bush' was the epithet almost all outlets gave the award-winning documentary, which is already on track for blockbuster status in the United States, where it has been screened since June 25.
'Moore's Scud has hit the bull's-eye,' the left-leaning Le Parisien said.
Another left-wing paper, Liberation, put a big picture of Moore on its cover with his plea 'We have to get rid of Bush' and devoted two full inside pages to an interview with the US director and an editorial.
France's warm welcome for the movie was two-fold. "


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