Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Cincinnati Post: Billboard Magazine: Musicians jump into politics in effort to get out the vote

Living - The Cincinnati Post: "Thanks to big-name events and Internet-fueled grassroots efforts, musicians are playing a greater role than ever in the U.S. political process during this election year.
Organizers and musicians say concerns over the war in Iraq and the economic and environmental policies of the Bush administration are responsible for the music community's increased involvement.
Many of the activist musicians express opposition to President Bush and in some cases support presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry. Others are taking part in bipartisan efforts to get out the vote.
'I've been thinking about and talking about voting for a long time,' indie music icon/activist Ani DiFranco says. 'Unlike my anarchist friends, I think it's a pretty good idea. I think we've tried not voting, and that doesn't work.'
DiFranco is targeting the so-called 'swing states' in which the election may be decided with her upcoming Vote Dammit! tour. She will join forces with the Feminist Majority Foundation's 'Get Out Her Vote' campaign and local organizations at each stop of the tour to encourage audience members to register and vote. "

Ani DiFranco
By Bill Holland
Billboard Magazine

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