Tuesday, July 06, 2004

ExtraTV.com : Moore and Stern Take On Bush

ExtraTV.com : Moore and Stern Take On Bush: "Moore has even employed former Clinton administration officials to deal with the media blitz. But it seems that the director has got a new best friend in his mission to remove Bush from office -- radio icon Howard Stern.

Stern has been on a daily radio rant against the Bush administration, saying he's been unfairly targeted by the FCC for indecency. So could a Stern/Moore team be enough to get the president out?

Lacayo told us it's amazing how much these two could sway the election by working together: 'Taken together, Michael Moore and Howard Stern are both at the top of their industries: radio and film. They both have an enormous audience, and together, they'll be punching away until Election Day.'

With four months until the election, there's still plenty of time for campaigning and plenty of time for America's newest power couple to make an impact. Meanwhile, Moore is already eying his next target; he will focus on HMOs and the healthcare system in his next documentary.

And for more on Moore's latest film, and the implications it may have come Election Day, tune into Tuesday's edition of 'Extra.' "


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