Thursday, June 24, 2004 Michael Moore Seeks Help Advertising Farenheit 9/11 "Film-maker Michael Moore, whose documentary Farenheit 9/11 continues to provoke controversy, says he will fight any attempt to prevent his film from being advertised in the period before U.S. political party conventions and the presidential election in November.
This was not Michael Moore's first visit to Capitol Hill.
In his movie, which premiered in Washington, D.C. this week before nationwide release, he is shown standing near the Capitol, asking one member of Congress if he would send his children to fight in Iraq.
As with his film, which he openly declares is aimed at encouraging Americans to vote President George Bush out of office in November, his purpose in meeting members of Congress was also political.

With the Capitol building as a backdrop, he underscored the main theme he has stressed as he travels the country to explain, and promote, his movie."

Dan Robinson
Capitol Hill

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