Thursday, June 24, 2004

St. Petersburg Times: Reviews Fahrenheit 9/11

Life Around the Bay - 10 News WTSP: "Make no mistake: Fahrenheit 9/11 is polemics disguised as documentary filmmaking, a rant against the Bush administration's handling of the war on terror, war in Iraq and perhaps a few sorties on American ethics and principles. Moore doesn't like the guy but, unlike about half of U.S. voters, he can put his finger on exactly what about W. troubles him.

Not that this information hasn't been available before. Anyone expecting to hear revelations about the Bush administration in Fahrenheit 9/11 will be disappointed. New York Times reporter Philip Shenon, who covered the 9/11 commission meetings for a year, recently wrote: 'It seems safe to say that central assertions of fact in Fahrenheit 9/11 are supported by the public record.'"

Steve Persall
St. Petersburg Times


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Video - TV Broadcast of Steve Persall reviewing the film


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