Thursday, June 24, 2004

Las Vegas Mercury: Fahrenheit 9/11

Las Vegas Mercury: Fahrenheit 9/11: "Seated opposite a hostile Matt Lauer on a recent episode of NBC's 'Dateline,' a Buddha-like Michael Moore, hands clasped comfortably beneath his substantial belly, smiled genially at his infuriated host. 'How can you say you didn't set out to make a political movie?' railed Lauer, clearly forgetting he was fronting a soft-core infotainment program. 'Isn't this film a direct attack on George W. Bush?' 'Well, if you put it that way,' chuckled Moore, 'yes, of course it is.'
The kicker would come a few minutes later, as Moore pointedly remarked that it would be nice if Lauer and his fellow 'journalists' would subject Bush himself to such incisive questioning. A utopian idea, perhaps--at least by today's groveling media standards--and one raised coincidentally just a few weeks earlier by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show.' After screening a clip of a London Times reporter ferociously grilling Prime Minister Tony Blair on his fudging of intelligence reports, Stewart turned to the camera with his trademark look of baffled innocence. 'Where do we get one of those?' he inquired. "

By Jeannette Catsoulis


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