Thursday, June 24, 2004

indieWIRE BLOGS > eugonline": "Fahrenheit 9/11": Guess the Grosses

indieWIRE BLOGS > eugonline: "For fun, I conducted a small 'Fahrenheit 9/11' opening weekend grosses poll, asking a few indieWIRE people (and friends of iW) to send me a prediction for the 3-day weekend grosses for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (Friday - Sunday).
The film will be on 868 screens this weekend. Here are the results:
$23.4 million - Wendy Mitchell (iW Mg. Ed.)
$21 million - John Vanco (Film distributor/consultant)
$19,530,000 - J.D. Ashcraft (iW Mktg/Ad Dir.)
$18.22 million - John Pierson (Indie guru, author, honorary Fijian)
$18 million - James Israel (iW Ad/Mktg Srvc)
$17.2 milllion - Eugene (me)
$15,624,000 - Brian Brooks (iW Assoc. Ed./Box office columnist)
$15,000,001 - Eamonn Bowles (Film distributor/Magnolia Pictures)
$13,020,001 - Brian Clark (iW Prod./Mgr.)

Feel free to add a prediction to the comment section"


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