Thursday, June 24, 2004

CBC News: Michael Moore doesn't belong in Canada

CBC News - Viewpoint: Dan Brown: "The official release date for Fahrenheit 9/11 is June 25. But it feels like the anti-George W. Bush documentary has been out for weeks already, which is due to the fact that the film's director, Michael Moore, has been promoting it to death in the last few weeks, and we in the media have obliged by giving the controversial filmmaker saturation coverage.

One of the many publications that has interviewed Moore is the venerable girly mag Playboy. Playboy's interview with Moore is remarkable not because of anything he says about American foreign policy, but because - in response to a question about what he will do if Bush beats John Kerry in November - Moore muses aloud about leaving his homeland and moving to Canada.

On the surface at least, the idea of Michael Moore relocating to the True North makes perfect sense. After all, Moore is on the extreme left margin of the U.S. political spectrum, and isn't it true that we consider all American left-wingers honorary Canadians? Especially funny ones? "

CBC News


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