Thursday, June 24, 2004

George W. and Me |

George W. and Me | "Moore returns often to these squirmingly long minutes, using them to encapsulate his idea of Bush's character and glue together a wide array of video clips, archival images, and satirical interludes. All convey the filmmaker's disdain for what he considers inept and corrupt handling of the Iraq situation.
Is the label 'documentary' appropriate for this openly activist movie? Of course it is, unless you cling to some idealized notion of 'objective' film that bit the dust at least as far back as 1922, when director Robert Flaherty passed off re-created settings and events as factual footage to enhance the realism of his generally true 'Nanook of the North.'
Moore makes no pretense of being 'fair and balanced.' He makes a passionate case for his own perspective, and invites us to agree with him or not. 'I fulminate, you decide' could be his motto."


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