Friday, June 25, 2004

Rotten Tomatoes Forums - Saw It Last Night...Review.

Rotten Tomatoes Forums - Saw It Last Night...Review.: "The crowd was rabid anti-Bush and they came in expecting to have a good time at his expense. But what they got was much more sober than previous Moore efforts. It starts off with a bang, reviewing rather simplistically, but effectively, the Florida recount and Bush's first 8 months in office. Although Moore runs fast with the facts even here, he does manage to get a few laughs at W's expense and the crowd liked it alot. And here lies problem #1....Moore misread his audience. The crowd seems to want Bush painted as a funny figure but after this scene Moore rarely pulls the trigger on the humor. Sarcasm and laughter are one of the best ways to make your opponent seem like an idiot, but he fails to use it as often as someone in his position could have. I could see the audience wanted to laugh at Bush's expense but Moore rarely gives them the opportunity. What this moment needed was a Parker/Stone cartoon similar to the KKK one from Columbine, but we get none of that.

The movie got a giant standing ovation, but you need to remember the audience. I don't think this movie actually hits Bush hard enough!!!! Moore could have really taken it to him with all the material to use and manipulate, but he does not. The movie loses it's way and the result is only fairly decent instead of great. As for this movie affecting the election, I doubt it. Those against Bush will hate him more. Those for will rip the movie for playing fast with the facts. The only ones who might change their mind are the simplistic types who are easily manipulated...and they usually don''t vote anyway."



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