Friday, June 25, 2004

Rotten Tomatoes Forums - Just saw the movie

Rotten Tomatoes Forums - Just saw the movie: "Moore lets Bush hang himslef as much as possible. Obviously the quotes are taken out of context, but I can't for the life of me think of contexts in which many of his quotes would be appropriate. I think Bush is a jackass, but not much more of a jackass than I went in thinking.

Moore makes alot of the connection with Saudi Arabia, and there are some eye-openers there. He makes alot of the Bush administrations initial reactions to 9/11, but I can't fault them. It was something completely new and unexpected and no one knew what the hell to do.

Now we get to the good part (for me). Anyone who can watch this movie and come away thinking the Bush people, and Bush himself, did not deliberately mislead the American people about the connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq are in a state of denial so deep the Molemen of the Earth's core would have to dig to reach them. They went in knowing there was no connection, but Iraq was a much better place for us to hold a war than any other Arab country. That section and the section with the Flint mother of a dead US soldier were well argued and extremely touching, respectively."


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