Friday, June 25, 2004 Moore's images go beyond where nightly news dares take viewers PM edition: "Bush is characterized as a man who owes a lot to his friends, including those who helped bail him out of business ventures. Moore places particular emphasis on what he sees as a long-term friendship between the Bush family (including both presidents) and powerful Saudi Arabians. More than $1.4 billion in Saudi money has flowed into the coffers of Bush family enterprises, he says.

Moore considers the war in Iraq unjustified, and he talks with American soldiers, including amputees, who complain about Bush's proposed cuts of military salaries at the same time he was sending them into a war they (at least, the ones Moore spoke to) hated.
Moore also shows American military personnel who apparently are enjoying the war. He has footage of soldiers who use torture techniques not in a prison but in the field, where they hood an Iraqi prisoner, call him 'Ali Baba,' and pose for videos while touching his genitals."

Rating: A-


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