Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Reuters.com: Oscar Snubs Michael Moore, Mel Gibson

Entertainment News Article | Reuters.com: "Michael Moore's attempt to turn voters against President Bush failed and on Tuesday he lost his gamble as well for a coveted best-picture Oscar nomination for his incendiary documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'
The omission from the coveted category marks a major misfire for the liberal firebrand who withdrew his anti-Bush polemic from contention in the documentary category, which he won two years ago with 'Bowling for Columbine,' in order to focus on the big prize. No documentary has ever won the best picture Oscar.
Conservative filmmaker Mel Gibson, who performed a miracle by turning an Aramaic-speaking Jesus into a worldwide box office star with 'The Passion of the Christ,' also was shut out of the major award categories. "


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