Saturday, January 22, 2005

the adventures of a boy and his computer - Fox News Reporter gets 0wn3d

the adventures of a boy and his computer - Fox News Reporter gets 0wn3d Oliver Willis has a nice video clip of Fox News reporter Brigitte Quinn interviewing Vanity Fair contributing editor Judy Bachrach about the presidential inauguration. I think Quinn wasn't expecting Bachrach to say anything of consequence, but Bachrach managed to get her two cents in about the $40 million extravaganza:

Update: if you aren't able to get the video on Oliver's site, it's also on

Interview Transcript:

Quinn: ...the festivities, Judy Bachrach, contributing editor at Vanity Fair Magazine. Judy, welcome to you. We were noticing all the snow in Washington... it's really coming down! I hope that doesn't put a crimp in anybody's plans. Look at that gorgeous shot of the White House.

Bachrach: Well, I have a feeling that maybe it should put a crimp, or at least something should put a crimp in the plans of the White House, they have such a very lavish inaugural, at a time of war, um...

Quinn: Really?

Bachrach: Yes.

Quinn: Oh, OK.

Bachrach: What I've noticed is, the worse a war is going, the more lavish the inaugural festivities. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, during a time of war, of course, as you know, he had a very modest inauguration and a very tiny party, where he served chicken salad, or where chicken salad was served. And that was when we were winning a war.

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