Saturday, January 15, 2005

JINSA Online -- #462 No WMD, So...

JINSA Online -- #462 No WMD, So...: "The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) returned to the U.S. having found no cache of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. So, was the war a mistake? Or worse, did “Bush lie”? No and no.

Leave aside for the moment the essential rightness of removing one of the past century’s worst dictators - a designation hard to come by, given the competition. Leave aside the essential rightness of removing the immorally applied sanctions regime that the UN said was responsible for 5,000 “excess deaths” of Iraqi children each month. And leave aside the essential rightness of stopping the flow of blood money into the corrupt pockets of the Oil-for-Food scammers and Saddam himself.

Go ONLY to the specific issue of Saddam, WMD and the ISG conclusion.


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