Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Globe and Mail: Killed unarmed Iraqis, ex-marine tells hearing

The Globe and Mail: Killed unarmed Iraqis, ex-marine tells hearing: "A former U.S. marine testified yesterday that the U.S. military 'murdered' civilians in Iraq and that he pumped 500 rounds of bullets into vehicles that failed to stop at military checkpoints.
Jimmy Massey, a former marine staff sergeant, told an immigration and refugee board hearing in Toronto that he and his fellow marines shot and killed more than 30 unarmed men, women and children and even shot a young Iraqi who got out of his car with his arms in the air.
'We killed the man. We fired at a cyclic rate of 500 bullets per vehicle,' testified Mr. Massey, a marine for 12 years who was honourably discharged last year. 'The company gunnery sergeant came running over and began yelling, 'You just shot a guy with his hands up.' '
Mr. Massey testified in the refugee claim of U.S. army deserter Jeremy Hinzman, 26, who sought asylum in Canada after his application to be a conscientious objector was rejected. Mr. Hinzman said he did not want to be deployed to Iraq with his 82nd Airborne Division because he feared he would be forced to commit war crimes and atrocities in a conflict he considered illegal. "


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