Monday, December 06, 2004

The Bush Raps (Re)Mix Contest Song Archive

Free Mp3s created with The George W Bush Public Domain Audio Archive(...and by maniacs who recorded their own samples...)

The Bots created a database of 15,000 keyword searchable audio samples of the voice of George W Bush, which we used to create the parody song Fuzzy Math. We've been encouraging people to download the free samples and create their own parody mixes using the President's voice. Now, on this page, you can link to artists all over the world who have made their own parody songs using the voice of George W Bush. Scroll down this page and you'll see links to 50 different mixes!

Free Music and Tools for Media Activists!!!You can download these songs for free. We suggest making an audio cd from your favorites. Play it for your friends or try some new forms of political action. Imagine the boomboxes of Circuit City and Best Buy pounding out the real voice of Dubya, rapping and mocking himself.

Coolness on a Half Shell

060) William Botin, BushKerry
059) Frenz,The Mistake
004) DrMad's Trio, COMMONSENSE


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