Monday, December 06, 2004

Ohio Election Fraud (Formerly "Fairness")

Ohio Election Fraud (Formerly "Fairness"): "12/04/04 Great rally today at the State Capitol. At the peak of the rally there were 1100 people here on a sunny, but cold windswept day standing, chanting and clapping for the democracy that the founders started in this country. We were compared to the patriots that dumped tea into the Boston Harbor. The lawyers for Cobb/Badnarik and various other lawsuits gave a hopeful report that our effort is on the side of law and orderand we will prevail. But for the recount, Ken Blackwell is the key to a fair election. I spoke about how the pressure must be put on him over the next week. When I asked the crowd, �do you want to picket Blackwell�s office next week they roared, Yes!!!!�

At the evening event, Rep Sheila Lee Jackson (D-TX) flew in from Wash. D.C. and told us that what happened in Ohio and around the country was voter suppression, intimidation and premeditated fraud that is illegal under the US constitution 14th amendment's equal protection clause. She said that the House Judiciary committee will hold a hearing on Wed Dec. 8 in D.C. asking Ken Blackwell to explain the irregularities of the election.

Harvey Wasserman, ( one of the people filing FOI requests, rec'd their first reply. Selby County sent back an answer to supplying their tabulation records by saying they threw them away in an effort 'to reduce paperwork and confusion.' At that the crowd roared �Revote, Revote, Revote!!!� After hearing this and other numerous examples of fraud in other counties (Warren County had a lockdown to count the votes) I now believe that the only way to have a fair election in Ohio is to have a revote. In Ukraine, the Supreme Court ruled that there must be a revote since after hearing all the evidence, they could not determine a winner. We have the same situatio"


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