Sunday, November 28, 2004

Fallujah, The Song with Iraqi Images

Fallujah, The Song and Iraq Images, created by F911 and A Half Blog and presented through "Fallujah, The Song is written and performed by singer/songwriter David Rovics.

'David Rovics is the musical version of Democracy Now!' -Amy Goodman, host, Democracy Now!

Today, Falluja - The Song, is #1 on the SoundClick Folk Chart.

Iraq Images are from journalist Dahr Jamail blog photo gallery. Every image has a story. To find out the context of why the photos were taken, visit Dahr's online gallery

Dahr Jamail the Baghdad correspondent for The NewStandard. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Dahr writes about the effects of the US occupation on the people of Iraq, since the mainstream media in the US has in large part, he believes, failed to do so.

All Iraq photos are copyright Dahr Jamail and are used by permission.

Non-Iraq photos: Jack Olmsted, F911 and a half blog.

Small boy with burns. Lack of fuel in Iraq has led to a 300% increase in burn victims during the winter months.

Continuing Gas/Electricity Shortages

As the fuel shortage continues, the CPA (General Sanchez) announced that they feel it is due to half a million more cars being on the road in Iraq. They feel that things are getting better though, and that the main problem causing the fuel crisis is that it is a distribution problem. They feel a solution is that they are importing four million liters of gas from Iran and Kuwait. (more)

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