Thursday, November 25, 2004

WorkingForChange-Thanksgiving in Iraq

WorkingForChange-Thanksgiving in Iraq: "Last year, at Thanksgiving, candidate/President George W. Bush scored a PR coup by making a surprise visit to troops in Baghdad for Thanksgiving dinner.
This year, if he attempts the same stunt, he will find an Iraq that, thanks to his ill-advised policies, teeters on the brink of civil war. If such a war comes to pass, the Fallujah offensive will mark a significant turning point, a point at which ordinary Iraqis divested themselves of any last remaining tolerance for the Americans.
Characteristically, American media has yet to fully catch up to the latest bad news from Iraq. And, so, while American media focused on the recent U.S. blitz on Fallujah, the political and military fallout from that offensive hasn't gotten nearly the play it deserves. Put simply: Iraqi anger over the flattening of Fallujah, and the creation of a refugee population of the survivors among its 400,000 residents, not only threatens the January elections, but has turned virtually every corner of Iraq into an insurgent hotbed. "

Geov Parrish


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