Monday, November 22, 2004

Welcome to the North County News

Welcome to the North County News: "MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has covered the story aggressively on his Countdown program, as have liberal radio talk show hosts on Air America.

'There has been a justifiable uproar about the major differences between the exit

polls in Ohio and Florida and the actual results,' writes Sheldon Drobny, a CPA and venture capitalist and co-founder of Air America Radio.

'Democrats and Republicans, who both saw the same exit polls that showed an electoral landslide in favor of Kerry, have confirmed this,' he continued. 'It is important that people know how accurate random sampling of historical events can be in order for them to understand how unlikely it is that the exit polls were wrong.'

'We have a Watergate story here that could give the media a post-election explosive news story that could make the 2000 Florida vote debacle look like small potatoes,' Drobny concluded.

DeBar stressed a concession was not legally binding. He also believes a 'Constitutional crisis' is about to erupt.

'What he should do is call a national press conference, recite each and every case of apparent fraud and or error that could bear on the outcome,' DeBar said. '(Kerry) should remind voters strongly of the 2000 theft of Florida�he should redefine the results, and then redefine himself as someone worthy of challenging them. And he should go to the mat, both legally and politically.'

'Call a million-voter rally in D.C, or, better, simultaneously in (New York), D.C, (Boston), L.A., (San Francisco), Cleveland, (Chicago), etc�Hey, maybe there really were only 51 (million) that voted for Kerry and 53 (million) that vote for Bush. Let's see our 51 million in the streets. Better, let Bush and Cheney see 'em.'."


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