Thursday, November 18, 2004

Disney's Eisner: TV Interview with Ovitz Was Dumb "Michael Eisner, the chief executive of the Walt Disney Co., on Thursday said it was "stupid" to appear on a national television show in 1996 to show his support for Michael Ovitz and conceded he was less than candid with the public during the interview.

That's the best question you've asked all day,' Eisner said. 'Look, I think it was an extremely dumb thing to do and there was no way to get out of it without offending Larry King. It was unfortunate and stupid and I wish we hadn't done it, but we did. "

Hmmmm. Since Eisner is admitting making stupid decisions, I would what he would say today about not distributing F911. I also wonder what charities Disney has donated their F911 profits?

Eisner and Bush?
Twins separated at birth?
Birds of a feather?


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