Monday, November 15, 2004 Books: Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror Books: Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on TerrorThis book is not for folks who have bought the notion that we are fighting a War on Terrorism. Imperial Hubris explains how this description is false and cowardly. So, if you are among those who believe ernestly in this notion, don't even bother to read this book. Your beliefs will certainly be abused and challenged.

On the other hand, if you remain open minded, not swayed by a need for revenge for the 9/11 attacks, then Imperial Hubris will add a valuable perspective to our current state of affairs as it relates to Islamic militants.

Anonymous has the audacity to say that Osamma bin Laden is a great man, which he says is not be taken as an accolade. The book says that bin Laden is and has been so enfluencial that he has changed the course of history. Didn't Time magazine nearly name him Man of the Year before wimping out by giving it to Rudy Guiliani?

But, I agree with Anonymous as to the proper assessment of bin Laden and the jihadists. We must be practical and realistic. We should reject the the "War on Terrorism", which is like a war on the boogie man, or fighting dark shadows. Terrorism is a method of violence, a process, not a tangible military target or army.

On the other hand, jihadists are a definable and a reasonably quantifiable enemy. Knowing who our enemies are, we can be more precise in our war plans. I refer to the Iraq war for proof that we need clarity on this issue.

And, more importantly, having more precisely defined our enemies, we can know why they hate us, and be in a better position to know how to defeat them, or resolve our differences with them, if possible.

Reviewer: G. Brooks (Virginia, USA)


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