Monday, November 15, 2004 - Senior CIA anti-terrorism officer resigns - Senior CIA anti-terrorism officer resigns: "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Senior CIA anti-terrorism officer Michael Scheuer, who publicly criticized the agency's handling of the war on terrorism, resigned Thursday but said he wasn't forced out despite the fact the CIA was considering disciplinary action against him.

The 22-year CIA veteran who once headed the Osama bin Laden unit, resigned effective Friday, according to Christina Davidson, the editor of his book, 'Imperial Hubris.'

Earlier this year, the CIA gave Scheuer permission to publish the book under the name 'Anonymous' and to conduct interviews for it without revealing his identity. The book is critical of how the United States is fighting the war on terrorism.

Davidson said Scheuer's decision to resign followed a 'cordial' meeting with senior CIA officials on Tuesday.

'My decision is entirely my own,' Scheuer said in a statement. 'I have been in no way forced to this decision by the CIA. ... I have concluded that there has not been adequate national debate over the nature of the threat posed by Osama bin Laden and the forces he leads and inspires, and the nature and dimensions of intelligence reform needed to address that threat. It is my intention to articulate a series of views in the hope of producing a more substantive debate than what has heretofore occurred.'

CNN was one of the news organizations that interviewed the author in shadow. Eventually his name became public."


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