Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bush to send the Simpsons to jail!

Bush to send the Simpsons to jail!: "London, Nov 13 : One of America's favourite animated series, 'The Simpsons' is all set to take a dig at President George Bush as they will show him sending the entire Simpsons family to jail because Homer Simpson, the father of the family, bares his butt at the American flag.

The episode will show Homer mooning the flag after his shorts are pulled off during a game. The entire family is then sent off to America's notorious Alcatraz prison for being 'unpatriotic,' under the new 'Govt knows best act.'

In prison Homer's fellow jail mates will include anti Republican film director Michael Moore and the former US president, Bill Clinton. The family will finally escape while taking part in a reality TV show called 'Swimming for Freedom,' report the Mirror.

'It takes a few light-hearted swipes at the heightened state of alarm in America as well as Bush's re-election and fears of terror attacks,' the report quoted an insider as saying."


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