Thursday, November 11, 2004

Daily Times: The New Voice of Pakistan: US claims killing 600 insurgents in Fallujah

Daily Times - Site Edition: " 17 killed in Baghdad car bomb blast
* 2 Cobras shot down
* Fighters set police stations ablaze, kill 5 Iraqi soldiers in Mosul and 6 in Tikrit

FALLUJAH: An estimated 600 rebels have been killed in the fighting in Fallujah so far, but the figure has not been confirmed, spokesman Lt Col Steve Boylan said in Baghdad on Thursday.

Meanwhile, US troops continued fighting the resistance in Fallujah on Thursday, but rebels hit back with an armed rampage in Mosul and a car bomb that killed 17 people in a crowded Baghdad street.

Marines met little opposition in the former insurgent stronghold of Jolan, in northwest Fallujah, where guerrillas fired only one or two mortar rounds as tanks pushed through alleys, according to a Reuters reporter at the scene. But a huge explosion sent a fireball into the sky after dark, the reporter said.

Marines had to call in four air strikes after taking heavy fire at their headquarters in central Fallujah, the BBC reported. Its correspondent with the Marines said a rifle company had come under continuous fire when it pushed out of the base into the city on a house-to-house search for insurgents."


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