Sunday, November 28, 2004

David Rovics - Message Board Comments

David Rovics - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick: "Hi David!
I like your songs very much. I also understand the people who get upset by the provoking texts. My guess is that they can't feel other people's suffering as well as you can and I hope that's not a permanent state of their minds.

War is not between countries, between religions. It's between people. Some people would not kill until their lifes were immediately threatened. And some people would kill just because they are angry. That's the problem we need to solve.
Perhaps genetic engineering can solve that; think of a world where people can't become psychopath's...yeah, I'd like to live there.

Speaking about psychopaths...It would be great to hear a song about Putin.

Best Regards

Sat November 27, 2004


I understand your fallujah song. It both angers me and brings me to tears. I hate war and as much as I hate it I can see why a young man who just watched his older brother get murdered by an American, or an Israeli soldier, would pick up a gun or strap on a bomb and take the lives of those that took the life of his family.

I can see why and how these innocent soldiers are made. They are soldiers because they have no other choice but to join a war to protect the lifes of those they love but, they are also innocent because if you ask them, they never wanted war and would prefer to have the loved ones back that they lost over having to kill or be killed.

Congrats on your courage and I pray that people understand this song for what it is. But I will also pray for us as Americans that we may learn GODS will for this country.

....and with every tear that falls, a bullet will fly.
....and for every freedom born, a soldier will die.
....and even after his spirit is gone and his heart beats no longer.
....I will never forget this worlds innocent soldiers.

crow 2004
Sat November 27, 2004

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