Tuesday, November 09, 2004

ANSWER Los Angeles. Emergency Demonstration this Tuesday Night

ANSWER Los Angeles. Act Now to Stop War and End Racism: "Emergency Demonstration this Tuesday Night
Stop The Fallujah Attack!
U.S. Out of Iraq! Protest Bush and the U.S. war drive!
Bring the Troops Home Now!

Top U.S. Marine in Iraq calls for massacre in Fallujah

The U.S. has surrounded the sealed off City of Fallujah and is preparing to launch the complete destruction of the city. They have told the people that any traffic on the street is now subject to attack and any males between the ages of 15 and 55 who go outside will automatically be killed by the U.S. soldiers. The U.S. is terrorizing and bombing the citizens of Fallujah every night, recently targeting and fully destroying its emergency hospital, collapsing homes around families, dismembering children. Many of the 300,000 population have fled for their lives, everything they have ever had left behind or destroyed."


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