Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee defends the sanctity of marriage against its gravest threat.

US prison population hits record 1.47 million!

In Wisconsin, people come together to explore whether the election was stolen. Were Tuesday's results worse than 2000?

New Mexico voters red with embarrassment over delayed count, as paper ballots hang in a legal tangle. Two hundred voter registration cards are turned over to state police.
Close to 12,000 votes feared lost in North Carolina. MORE HALLIBURTON SHENANIGANS

Laura Bush doesn't have the stomach for Lady Liberty.

Subordinating the nation's secular values to zealots' will.

Jesus and the FDA

Blue states buzz over secession.

IT unemployment now exceeds overall jobless rate.

Fallujah can only be won when the battle ends and people have water. Is America failing a test of history.

A boy recovers in a Fallujah hospital after a U.S. airstrike inFallujah, Iraq Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004, which killed his father,according to hospital officials.


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